Denture Dentist in Corpus Christi, TX

You deserve to eat the foods you once enjoyed. Take back the fit and functionality of your mouth with the help of Everhart Dental. We are your dependable denture dentist in Corpus Christi, TX, as we assist patients throughout the community. Our office is available for custom dentures. Improve your appearance and speak clearly again. With partial, full, and economy dentures available, we make it easier to attain a better set of teeth.

Custom Dentures on Your Terms

Your teeth are unique. The effects of aging and tooth loss can degrade the original position and integrity of your teeth. However, that does not mean it must stay that way. Custom dentures restore the original fit and bite of your teeth for a seamless feeling. Eat normally and speak with clarity. Partial and full dentures provide long-lasting solutions.

When you visit our denture dentist, you are taking your first step to a life-restoring procedure. We take a completely personalized approach to care so that you attain the right dentures for your lifestyle. Thanks to our use of advanced equipment and a personalized approach to care, we craft durable and dependable dentures you can see, feel, and use.
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Partial and Full Dentures That Fit Your Lifestyle

Find dentures that math your specific situation with the help of our dentist. Our office is equipped to craft and fit both full and partial dentures. During your consultation, we can outline the proper treatment that matches your needs. Since we also facilitate dental implants, preparing your new dentures is a seamless process. We prepare your teeth to accommodate permanent dentures. Partial sets are best for jaws that still have natural teeth. We work with you to ensure you get proper, long-lasting results.

Of course, jaws that have been affected by total tooth loss or extraction are eligible for full dentures. These are crafted specifically to match the natural contours and shape of your teeth and gums. As such, these completely customizable prosthetics look and feel like your original teeth.

Economy Dentures That Work with Your Budget and Schedule

The custom denture process requires time to prepare your new teeth. However, that does not mean you have to wait to have a fully functional mouth. Economy dentures are available while you are waiting for your permanent prosthetics to finish. This affordable option is available through our office, where we also provide targeted support while you are undergoing treatment.

From an immediate solution to the permanent product, our office is your source for dentures. Of course, lasting results also depends on proactive maintenance. Upon receiving your new dentures, our dentist discusses how to care for them. By demonstrating how to clean and maintain your new prosthetics, our office empowers you to uphold good oral health.

Contact us today to request an appointment for custom dentures. We proudly serve patients throughout Corpus Christi, Odem, Sinton, Driscoll, and Bishop, TX.
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